A single-use overall: it’s a special overall that reliably protect the wearer while working with biological and toxic fluids, pathogenic microflora. Disposable sterile overalls with a hood reliably protect clothes and the human body other than face, hands and feet. The ends of the pant and sleeves are rigged with rubber bands. There are 5 levels of protection. Each of those depends on the density of the nonwoven material used in the overalls manufacture.

Shoe covers

High non-woven shoe covers (fifty-four centimeters high). Output for surgeons. Manufactured of SPUNBOND nonwoven fabric.

Low shoe covers

SPANBOND low shoe covers are suitable for junior medical staff who wear them on removable shoes.

Single-use polyethylene shoe covers

Single-use polyethylene shoe covers

Medical Hat (charlotte) made of non-woven SPUNBOND material

Medical Hat (charlotte) made of non-woven SPUNBOND material

Doctorʻs Hat

Doctorʻs Hat from non-woven SMS fabric

Sterile gown

A sterile gown made of non-woven SPUNBOND fabric that has different protection level.


Non-woven SPUNBOND apron


Non-woven SPUNBOND pants

Doctor Shirt

Non-woven SPUNBOND doctor shirt

Protective Shield (helmet)

Medical Protective Shield (helmet)

Protective Medical Goggles

Protective Medical Goggles